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Customer Support

  • Jewelry pieces from WaddoupsWonders are one of a kind pieces.  We can make items that look similar, but will never be exactly the same.  We are always happy to repair pieces for our customers, if we can.   We will always provide an estimate of the repair cost before repairing the item.
  • We want you to be happy with our items.  We understand that "word of mouth" recommendations are our best sales opportunity.
  • The photographs of our items are taken to give you the best opportunity possible to examine the piece(s) before purchase.  We are most happy to take additional photographs of items for you, both on and off a model, prior to sale and email those photographs to you.
  • REMAKING JEWELRY:  We often get requests from people who have heirloom pieces they would like made into more modern pieces; or have beads or pearls restrung.  We understand that most heirloom pieces have great sentimental value and we take great pride in preserving the love of the piece.  The worst thing to happen is for someone to have a piece reworked that significantly loses the nostalgia of the original item, and the owner feels no connection with the new piece.  Please contact us before sending us your piece.  Some heirloom pieces are more valuable in their current state and should not be tampered with, and others are delicate or contain items that are better showcased in their current state.  We will generally have you send us photographs of the pieces and then provide you our recommendation or design before you contract with our company.

Refunds and Exchanges

  • All returned items are subject to examination by our staff.  If they are returned in a flawed contrition (missing parts, scratched, broken, etc.), we will tell you how much it will cost to repair or refinish the item and allow you the opportunity to keep the item or exchange it at a reduced fee.  Should you elect to keep the item, you will have to pay return shipping and handling.
  •  You have 15 days to examine your purchase(s) and return them without penalty.  You will have to pay return shipping costs.
  • Items returned within 30 days will incur a re-stocking fee of 15% of the sales price.  After 30 days, the refund will be 50% of the sales price providing the item is in excellent condition.
  • If you purchase an item for a gift and the person is not completely satisfied, return the item within 15 days of receipt and in the same condition it was sold and we will provide a full refund.   We can often remake the item in a different metal (gold filled for silver, etc.) or different color for a nominal additional fee.  Please contact us if this is what your gift recipient wishes so we may give you an estimate prior to returning the item.
  • CHRISTMAS SALES:  Christmas sales are an exception to the 15 and 30 day return policies above.  If you are purchasing an item for a Christmas gift, please let us know at the time of purchase.

Repairing Jewelry created by others

  • We can repair most jewelry; however, please contact us prior to sending a piece from another jewelry artist.  We may ask for photos from you to see exactly what the extent of repair is required.  
  • Repairs for pieces from other jewelers will incur replacement parts and labor costs.

Thank you to the Artists who have inspired us to learn new techniques or helped hone our skills:

  • DALE "COUGAR" ARMSTRONG - our wire wrapping muse.  "Cougar's" willilngness to share, encourage, and push us to new levels is beyond compare.  Please visit her website:
  • BARBARA BECKER SIMON - Senior Instructor for PMC Metal Clay for holding us to a higher standard, and encouraging us to achieve that mark so we become artisans and not just jewelry makers.   Barbara is based in Cape Coral, Florida, and teaches throughout the U.S.  See her exquisite "Glass Beads, Precious Metal Clay, Objets d'Art, and Fine Art to Wear" on her website:
  • LISA CLAXTON - our wire weaving muse.  Lisa is based in Northern California, but teaches workshops throughout the country.  She is currently exploring textile techniques in wire weaving.  For more information on Lisa:
  • SHERRI HAAB - for encouraging us to explore metal clays and enamels, and not to be afraid!  Her generosity in sharing her knowledge is overwhelming. Visit her website here:
  • MERLENE WALKER - for coaxing out the metal clay artist in us, encouraging us to get certified, and proving to us that the only limitations are those that are self-imposed.  Merlene teaches classes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:
  • And to the countless other artists who have shared their work through video, magazine articles, and email, "thank you!"

Sometimes we are presented with a photograph of another artist's work and asked if we can "make something like this."   We make every attempt not to encroach upon another artst's design, although we often incorporate similar techniques or even part of their design in our work (we try to give credit in our descriptions when we do this).  If you love that particular design, or piece of art, you would be better off purchasing the item directly from the artist.  Even if we could duplicate the materials and techniques, it will be a little different than what you have in mind.  The original artist probably spent many, many hours designing the item, even making prototypes, and sometimes discovering the exact skill to make that item perfectly.  Honor them by purchasing their artwork directly.  It's similar to asking your cottage artist to duplicate a Picasso; it can be done, but it will never be a Picasso.




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